Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Katrina Evacuee Update

Here are a few photos of the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans where I did my residency in Pediatric Dentistry. The basement and first floor was flooded and there was 4 feet of water on the main floor. The administration, faculty and students have established facilities in Baton Rouge and around Louisiana. Plans are to return to the New Orleans facility in Spring 2006. I wish them the best of luck. You can get more info on LSU from this site: LSU School of Dentistry

Some the great things this office (APDA) does often are not publicized. Many families displaced from the hurricane have found themselves in the Huntsville area. So far, our office has seen several evacuees from hurricane Katrina. These patients have received treatment at no cost to the family. We wanted to help out these wonderful families that are in a difficult situation right now. The staff organized a drop off site for relief supplies as well. I know we are not the only ones doing this. I know of several offices in our community that are helping out as well. I am proud to be associated with such a great community and such a great group of professionals. Hopefully these families will be able to go home soon or to establish a new home and a new life here

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