Monday, January 01, 2007

The Most Honest and Ethical Professions

In the current Gallop ranking of Most Honest and Ethical Professions, who is #1? Nurses. Dentists rank close behind at #5. Dentists are consistently in the top 5 up there with Pharmamacists Veterinarians and Physicians. Come on guys, let's go for number one! Check out the complete rankings for the others and the lowest.


adriana goodfellow said...

My son just turned 4 .. I took him to a pediatrician dentistry for his first check up. He didn't do well he freaked out cried so much when they did X-rays come to find out he has two cavities and needs them filled. He needs a baby root canal (pulp cleaning) and he has a bottom back tooth that needs to be pulled due to decay. As a mom with anxiety this truly freaks me out. It just seems like so much on a 4 yr old. I will not have my son sedated but I am open to the mask or juice. Can you tell me which one has side affects? And which one would you prefer to work better.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Very complex subject. There is a lot here on the blog about sedation, behavior and procedures. Please read over these posts as well as some the comments. The post are linked over on the sidebar. It is good that you are seeking treatment. Your pediatric dentist can guide you through the details of options as are specific for your child.