Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Dr Anonymous" Interview Scheduled

I was a guest on the Dr Anonymous show on Blogtalk Radio. The show was originally aired Thursday February 4th at 8:00 central time.
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Unknown said...

How are you Doctor, i have two children one is 9 and my second is 3. i have taken my older son Marving to the dentist and he has been a role model. No cavities GREAT! well, not so with Derek who is my 3 year old. He has cavities in his front teeth. I am devistated. I breastfed til 1 1/2 and tried to do everything by the book. I have been recommended white crowns. My husband doesnt want to do this treatment. Is there another treatment other than the white caps?

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

If a cavity is small or medium, a white filling can be appropriate. Crowns are great if the decay is more widespread or deep. You need ot cover and reinforce the whole tooth. Now, crowns on baby teeth are different than permanant teeth crowns for the most part. Read more about that on the blog here. Oh, sometimes removal of the teeth is the best option, especially for front baby teeth because you don't usually need a space maintainer for the missing teeth. (you usually do in the back).

Sounds like you need to talk with your pediatric dentist and ask for alternatives and answer your concerns. Problem is, there may not be many other "options". Each case can be diffeent and each tooth is different.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Oh, I have seen your circumstance many times--one child never brushes and never has a cavity and the other seems to do everything "right", and has all the problems. It is a difficult situation especially when the child is a young preschooler. Yes, there are things we as parents can do, but there are many things out of our direct control. (That's true for many things having to do with our children)!

Anonymous said...

I have recently used invisalign technique to straighten my teeth without using any braces or wires at San Diego Dentist uses a series of custom made undetectable aligner,
What are the extra precautions should I used for my teeth,
as I cant regularly visit my dentist

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Ask your dentist.