Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Reverse Pull Headgear

If you've ever wondered, there are several types of headgear. The most common type is the cervical pull type. That's the one with the strap that goes behind your neck. Here is Dakota Fanning modeling her reverse-pull type headgear. This is less common and is usually used in kids with a Class III occlusion or at least ones where you are basically trying to stimulate the upper maxilla to grow forward. It is also known as a Delaire "facemask"; you can see why. Dakota has been giving an update to talk show hosts on her progress with her "Braces".


Anonymous said...

I had to have reverse headgear. I only wore it at night for a few months, but it was this bulging prescence in the front of my face. I still have my braces, and I would choose braces over reverse headgear again anyday. It's so awkward!

Darla Crowston said...

My 10 year old daughter has just been told she has to wear one of these. I am so glad to have found out that even a hollywood actor would be so proud to come out on national television to show that it's not all that bad. My daughter is willing to wear it for 24 hrs, if it's going to help fix her jaw. Thanks so much Dakota!

Anonymous said...

dakota thank you very much you helped me a lot to me next week I will get one and I have much fear of ridicule and stuff but I just teach dakota not embarrass me hat I have so I created my q that is natural lake true because