Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dakota Fanning on "Braces"

This is a great video of Dakota Fanning last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno discussing her "Braces".

*Update December 26, 2006: They have evidently removed this video from Youtube due to copyright issues with NBC. Too bad, as it really shows that even "stars" have the same dental concerns as everyone else. Perhaps, you can check it out on TV in reruns.

Update 2008--I have it here on Youtube:


ginelle said...

Thanks for posting this link from YouTube! It is pretty cool to hear in her words how her treatment is going.
I think I'll share this in our next ortho lecture.

Anonymous said...

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cure adult acne said...

Sad, I couldn't watch the video anymore... The video was removed from youtube... But look at Dakota now, she's so pretty!

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Check it our here:

Dakota Fanning Teeth World Video

cure adult acne said...

Thanks for posting the link, Dr. Dean! :)