Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dental School-My New Book Is Now Available!

My new book, "Dental School: Preparation, Survival and Success" is now available.

Many times on this blog, people have asked questions about the dental school experience.  They have asked, "How do I get into dental school?"or, "What courses should I take?"  I have compiled answers to these and many more questions into my new book.  It is now listed on Amazon.

Have you ever wanted to become a Dentist or Orthodontist?  This book covers not only how to get in, but what dental school is really like, how to excel, and how to succeed the difficult years of study. Postgraduate residency in specialties like Orthodontics, Oral Surgery and Pediatric Dentistry are covered in addition to business aspects of the profession and options after graduation including setting up a practice and employment opportunities.  I have also included a section on The Internet, Dentistry and Social Media.

If you or anyone you know is considering dental or medical school, or you just want to find out what it takes to become a dentist, this book will provide lots of answers.  I have included data on tuition and financial costs, the DAT, in addition to personal experiences and advice.  Some highlights:

-Is dentistry right for you?
-How to get admitted into dental school
-What courses to take in high school and college
-Tuition and financial options
-The dental school curriculum
-How to overcome the challenges of dental school
-Specialization and postgraduate education
-Business and employment opportunities
-A special section on Dentistry, the Internet, and Social Media

The foreword is written by Dr, Nido Qubein, the president of High Point University.

Please purchase the book and write a great review!  Here is the link to the Amazon listing:

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Austin_Dentist said...

I'm going to recommend this to a couple of friends who are contemplating dental school. I don't think they understand how much work and study is involved - they just see the (my) end results.

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