Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Blogworld Experience

Las Vegas! The Blogworld annual convention brought together bloggers from around the world to the sun drenched desert city. Blogworld for the first time had a medblogger tract of lectures and panels discussing medical professionals and blogging. I met the famous Dr. Anonymous, a podcaster who moderated the panels and Nurse Kim of Emergiblog, The life and times of an ER Nurse.

In addition to inspirational keynotes and technical tips, we also had a little fun too. Imagine if you will "The Bank" nightclub at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas full of bloggers. Most people were staring down at their phones texting and twittering away as the music played-no one dancing. The DJ actually said: "please put down your iphones and dance!" Yes, they/we eventually did dance and have a great time while twittering it all to the outside world. Bloggers are a pretty good group of people eager to share their love of blogging. I did get to meet a few famous folks including "Dr. Greene" of ER and Goose from Revenge of the Nerds (aka Anthony Edwards), and the infamous "Chad Vader" (Darth Vader's brother who is a day shift manager at a small town grocery store).

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