Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cephalometric Measurements in Orthodontics

Cephalometric measurements help determine proper diagnosis in orthodontic patients. A "Ceph" is a lateral x-ray of the head. Measurements are made of specific landmarks. Various analysis of the angles and distances help determine variation from known norms and changes over time due to growth and treatment. The cephalometric radiograph is used with other diagnostic information such as plaster dental models, panoramic and frontal radiographs, photographs and a thourough clinical examination. All these are used in diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics.

Here is a video from Dolphin Imaging showing their particular software. In the past, we used to trace and measure all these by hand. Now we use Dolphin in our office. I have some gripes with Dolphin as we also use it as our database for all our orthodontic and intraoral x-rays. It's been quirky lately and as with all computer software, needs tech support from time to time. I may post more on that later. Still, it's a pretty neat system.

Click here or on the photo to view a video from Dolphin Imaging:

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