Friday, January 13, 2006

BRAC: Moving to Huntsville and Madison

What is BRAC? Well, Base Re-alignment and Closure Commission, the Department of Defense recommendations regarding closure of some bases and the transfer of certain commands to other locations. For some communities this means loss of jobs due to transfers. For the Huntsville and Madison area, BRAC means the net gain of about 2200 jobs from Virginia, Maryland and from other locations. Many people from St. Louis moved to Alabama a few years ago due to the last BRAC round. Families will have the task of finding new homes, schools, Pediatric Dentists! and additional new friends. I welcome them to the community I have lived in all my life. I love the Huntsville area and I know they will too.

I recently read of our city leaders going to the D.C. area to promote our area. One question raised by young people (age 20’s /30’s) was “is there anything to do there?” I have often said that is the Huntsville Madison County’s biggest concern regarding growth. There is something to do here! However, you do have to look for it. Here are some resources that might be useful for someone looking for something to do:

University of Alabama (UAH) Hockey and Basketball
Huntsville Stars Baseball
Havoc Hockey
Vipers Arena Football
Alabama A&M University Football and Basketball
Cathedral Caverns and other spelunking and hiking areas
Nearby Lakes and Rivers for Boating, Fishing

Music, Concerts, etc. :
Big Spring Jam (Outdoor Music Festival)-GREAT!
Huntsville Museum of Art
Huntsville Ballet Company
Huntsville Symphony Orchestra
Broadway Theater League (Broadway Musicals)
Fantasy Playhouse (Children’s Plays)
Panoply (Outdoor Art and Music Festival)
Von Braun Center has artists- Jerry Seinfeld,Touring Big Name Bands.
Great restaurants—This is getting better all the time.
There are many clubs/bars, Concerts in the park, etc.
I like Humphrey's-a great bar/restaurant with live music

Here is some more general information:
Huntsville Chamber of Commerce:
Good Huntsville Info:
Redstone and BRAC:
Madison Alabama:

*Of course, if any of you reading this have children looking for dental care, well I know we can help you there. There are many great dentists in Huntsville, Madison and the surrounding communities. If you are moving here and looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Huntsville and or Madison, please feel free to contact our office (APDA) so we can arrange transfer of records if necessary and set up appointments.

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