Friday, December 16, 2005

Portable X-Ray?

This blew my mind. Take a look at this new portable hand held battery operated X-Ray head. My first thought when I saw this was, “Wow she will get scatter radiation by standing so close!” Even though the exposure is very very low, dental staff members take many exposures per day. The Alabama guidelines are that you need to stand six feet away from the tube head to be ok. You know, stand outside the room. They say this thing is shielded and you’ll be ok. This device would be really great for overseas mission trips. The web site is

*More on x-Rays here: Digital X-ray Systems, Wow!


Anonymous said...


NOMAD portable x-ray works as well or better than conventional x-ray machines. The annual dose to the operator is insignificant, and comparable to a plane flight across country. Badge dosimetry is hard-pressed to detect anything. The scatter shield absorbs 90+ % of the x-rays and their is insignificant direct leakage. For more info, check out the website and look up the 'Safety Report' that explains the data. Since this report, many additional studies by states, universities and private companies have all concurred with our results and conclusions. I'm not aware US Army invented this, but they did use an old Dental-Ease 'hand-held' product that was much larger and heavier and had to be plugged in. NOMAD is the first truly portable system. You are welcome to contact us for further safety info.


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Anonymous said...

We have one and it's GREAT!!! The new model is supposed to be much lighter (around 5 lbs).