Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Cost Of Braces Is Going Up?

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of providing braces.  First, and significantly, it is the diagnostic and technical expertise of the orthodontist.  Try doing braces yourself and you will not likely get the same result.  Secondly, it is the overhead of the orthodontic staff, facilities and associated office costs.  Finally, it is the actual hardware itself, that is, the brackets, wires, adhesives and attachments.  These items are often made of sophisticated metal alloys such as nickel titanium that are manufactured within precise tolerances.  There are laboratory fees as well for diagnostic models or services.  So, as the cost of salaries, health care coverage, utilities, and supplies go up, so does the cost of braces.

Recently, there is another factor, which will increase the cost of providing orthodontic treatment.  That is the new tax that is part of the new Obamacare health care plan.  There is a new 2.3% medical device tax.  Yes, that cost will likely add up to at least $175 more than the present fee.


Lorens Vasili said...

It's so sad that the goverement decides to rise the taxes for something so important, like braces-an issue which concerns health-care. They should think about those families who have 6-7 kids. what are they going to do? dentists buffalo ny

Randal Cole said...

Not even counting the other increases, that med device tax will really do a number on your pocket. Still, I think it would be worth it, particularly if you’re already in the middle of the treatment.

It is indeed a bit expensive to opt for braces. But I’m sure there are financing programs that can help you shoulder the cost of getting braces. You just have to ask your dentist about these schemes to find the one that will best suit your needs, especially your financial capacity.

Randal Cole

Allan Hawryluk Jr. said...

You make me smile with your first paragraph! it never did cross my mind to have braces all by myself :)

Anyway, its really so expensive, to think almost 80 percent of the population needs dental assistance, the dental assistance for example is sky high expensive, what about the other procedures?

Our government really should take action on these, oh well, they did, they increase the tax rate for the needed materials as well as the tax being cut down on professional services thus, we all suffer, I just wish we can increase the dental assistance given by the government.

Latarsha Ghoston said...

@Randal: I’m not sure if it will affect those who have had their braces done before 2013 and are just undergoing adjustments every so often. But this would definitely be a blow to those who have just started to think of getting braces.

About the financing programs, any suggestion for one? So we can at least see what it might cover and how people can pay back after benefiting from it.

best dentist fresno said...

Thanks for the info. There are many underpriviledged families struggling to afford proper dental care. This info will definitely be useful for many people.

Best Dental Implants in Bangalore said...

braces have become increasingly expensive..especially in the past few yrs

Anonymous said...

Nah... no need to worry. Obama's gonna take care of us.