Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quality of Life, Huntsville #1

Yes, Huntsville was voted the Number One Military Community of Excellence in the nation. The rating was by Expansion Management Magazine. There are almost 15,ooo active duty military living here in addition to the very large civilian contingent. We at APDA have many children of these service members as our patients. Huntsville, Madison and the whole area have historically been a military friendly place. The U.S. Army has a large presence here in the form of the Army Missile Command and Research facilities. In fact Werner Von Braun's German Rocket team started their program here with the army here after the war. In fact Werner Von Braun used to live just up the street from me when I was a child. The NASA and Army installations here are one reason for the BRAC commission's recommendation to move many people here over the next few years. The local school systems are anticipating 9000 new children over the next few years. We at APDA are in the process of preparing our facilities for that influx of new patients. I am sure many of these families are probably anxious about the move, but I encourage them to take a good long look, as this is one of the best places to live in the USA!

In an earlier ranking in another magazine, Huntsville ranked #2 in the country in the ability of it's residents to increase their net income, that is high salaries and low cost of living. Opportunity doesn't get much better than that. The rest is up to us.

If you are thinkng of moving here, give us a call at APDA for your child's dental needs.

More here on BRAC and the Huntsville area: BRAC: Moving to Huntsville and Madison

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