Friday, April 23, 2010

The "past" president

This plaque, (not to be confused with "plaque"), was presented to me once my 4 years of service to the local dental society was completed--a position which I attempted to avoided for as long as possible. Involvement in organized dentistry is often an inconvenience for today's dentists (especially newly minted ones). Still, it does give a voice and some measure of involvement in the future of the profession, in addition to mutual commiseration and camaraderie.

Not that I needed an award, but I am pleased that I now have a gavel just like my wife who once served as a judge.


bill said...

Hi, my child, who is 7 months, has yellow spots/streaks on her top two front teeth, which recently erupted. We've brushed her teeth gently and she has a good diet. I've tried researching this on the internet and the only thing I can see is perhaps the antibiotics she had at 2 months when she was sick. Any advice or suggestions? I'm pretty worried.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

See my post on White spots on teeth-enamel hypoplasia
might help.

Jason Ravel said...

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Mike said...

Thanks for the post. Congrats on the plaque, the gavel, and 'keeping up with your wife who was once a judge.
What a wonderful award for the service you give to your community.

Cosmetic Dentists Grants Pass said...

Hi. I think that being involved in the community and organized dentistry as you put it has some merits :)