Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Space Camp

Summer is the time for kids to go off to camp. If you attend Space Camp located at the US Space and Rocket Center and you have a dental problem, you will likely end up visiting our office. We at APDA are the dentists on call for Space Camp and Aviation Challenge here in Huntsville. Many children are far away from home attending Space Camp. Luckily, there are not many accidents or toothaches, but if your child needs help or has a dental emergency, the camp staff will attend to them and, if needed, send them us with an escort form the camp.

I have seen children from all over the US and even from countries in Europe and Africa. So, next time your child is at Space Camp, you'll know who is available to see them if there is a problem. Hey, even young astronauts need dental care.

By the way, this summer there is a great Star Wars exhibition at the museum here. Check out the links I have provided in the text of this post for all these fantastic camps and activities.


Anonymous said...

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NYC Dentist said...

It's great that you provide dental care for children away at camp. I'm sure many parents will rest easy knowing this.

Tanner said...

Cool, I like space camp

Miami Dentist said...

When I was younger, I REALLY wanted to go to Space Camp! I didn't realize it was still going... do they plan on continuing this program even after all these budget cuts?

Dr. Dean Brandon said...


It's still going! Hey, they have an adult program-- You should check it out!