Thursday, November 17, 2005

What’s the tooth fairy’s going rate for baby teeth?

Well, I ask kids all the time what happened to their lost tooth. Most put it under the pillow to get some kind of monetary surprise. Most kids report in the one to five dollar range. (The average is probably one or two dollars with five dollars being common for the first one). I often tell them I used to get 35 cents! Well, one time the “tooth fairy” told me it was kind of dark in there. She placed a five dollar bill under the pillow and retrieved the precious tooth. The next day, it turns out it was so dark, the tooth fairy accidentally had left a $50 bill! That’s the most I have heard so far. Ha..Ha..

Update: I just talked to Dr. Butler this morning (Monday, November 21). He said a $100 bill, which was thought to be a $1 bill, was the most so far he has heard! Wow, the tooth fairy needs some night vision goggles.


lkxzz8cuse8dfwek said...

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Kat said...

At our house, It's $5 per tooth...although my 9 year old is about to have a tooth pulled this week & wanted to give the abscessed tooth to the tooth fairy. I told her she doesn't take rotten ones! Harsh?
I'm nervous for her!
I believe it's the second molar (baby tooth), but will she be very aware of this?
I don't understand it. My mom was telling me I never saw a dentist until I was 12, and even then I never had a cavity. I can really relate to many of the comments where parents think they've done something wrong when their children have a problem with their teeth!
Should I quit giving them Ovaltine at night as a bedtime drink?