Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dental School Tuition

The mot recent survey of dental school tuition shows the average is about $21,000 per year for residents. For non-residents, the tuition rises to $32,000 per year. This data is from the ADA Survey Center 2004-05 Survey of Dental Education. I remember when I was in school there were costs other than tuition like a good bit of dental instrumentation and supplies you had to purchase. Private school programs can be quite high. The University of Pennsylavania tuition is over $48,000 per year! Most public university programs are less than the averages printed here:

Here is a link to the University of Alabama School of Dentistry web page on estimated tuition and fees.


Tom (Dental Student) said...

Hi Dr. Brandon -

I'm currently a third year dental student. My tuition is just over $50,000 per year. Then, I have instrument fees, university fees, other fees, and living expenses for my family of four.

In total, it's around $80,000 per year. With interest, I'm probably looking at around $350K in debt upon graduation. I'm hoping to write about this at some point in the near future!

I just found your blog this past week. I've enjoyed it a lot. You seem to be one of the few dentists out there that puts out quality dental content rather than getting generic content from a "dental webpage designer."

I just started a blog this past January. It's been a lot of fun to learn about some of the more "practical" dental information that we don't get enough of in dental school.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Wow. That's commitment. You might take heart or friendly info from my post on "what is the salary of a dentist."

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Here's the link:

What's the Salary of a Dentist?