Monday, April 30, 2012

Position Available for Pediatric Dentist

Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics is looking for a Pediatric Dentist to join our group.  I don't usually blog post such an announcement, but with the great number of people viewing this blog, I am taking the liberty to spread the word here.
We are looking for both full time and flexible part time pediatric dentistry specialists.  If you are looking for a part time arrangement, we can discuss how you can be an integral part of our practice family. In addition, if you are looking for a full time position, we will interested in discussing your future with us as well.

We currently have five pediatric dentists and two orthodontists working in three very new office locations.  We have been very successful in attracting and retaining great doctors over the years.  Our group is one of the most well known and respected practices in the country; thus we can be, and are, very selective.  We are looking for quality applicants with excellent clinical skills and personality.  Our patients deserve a caring doctor with top notch abilities.  Experience in practice is preferred, but we will entertain new graduates as well.  This is for specialists in Pediatric Dentistry only.  We have an integrated management system which makes your day go smoothly and without the worries of running a practice all by yourself.  Please check us out and give us an opportunity to show you how great working with us can be.
Interested doctors can contact us here:
Office Manager
Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics
4001 Balmoral Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
*Do not e-mail pediatric dentistry comments or questions, only inquiries about the pediatric dentist position.