Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

I have started this blog primarily for those interested in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty of dentistry involving comprehensive dental care for children from birth to age 21. We also see patients older than 21 if they have special needs such as cerebral palsy or Down's syndrome. Part of Pediatric Dentistry is providing orthodontics or "braces". Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics is the practice with which I am affiliated. We provide comprehensive dental treatment for children and also have an orthodontist on staff for most of the comprehensive orthodontic cases. I work there most days and will try to comment here when I can.

If you have something constructive to say, please do. If you have a concern, let us know as well. God Bless!

Children's Dentistry-a few more details about what we do

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Anonymous said...

sir, i just finished my undergrad course in dentistry. well actually i'd my last examination today. so i'm waiting for results. i've been thinking for quite some time what field i want to master n i'm very confused. i joined the course because i wanted to do Orthodontics but my interest slowly shifted to Endodontics n now i find myself inclined to Pediatric Dentistry. i need advice. please help!!!

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Congratulations. A specialty is a difficult decision. see my posts on the specialties, etc. I was initially interested in Ortho, but found Pedo was a better match for me.

Anonymous said...


I am 17 and I start college in the spring of 2010. I'm planning now on starting in pre-dentistry and then becoming a pediatric dentist. Since getting into dental school is so competitive, I am nervous I won't get in after I finish pre-dental school. What career can someone get with a pre-dental?

I would just like to have something to fall back on, just in case.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Well, in most of my "advice" on this subject, I would suggest finding a major that you enjoy and excell at. I have seen history and accounting majors get into dental school. Most specialized professions tend to require lots of education. For instance if you could not or choose not to persue dentistry, pharmacy or business might be an option. Whatever you do, finish your degree whatever the subject. A great education gets your foot in the door, but it's what you do with it then than measures your ultimate success. Hard work always pays off.

Anonymous said...

hi Dr.I have a question.what are the important things in treatment planning for paediatric dentistry since paediatric dentistry deals with kids?thanks :)

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Treatment planning? We encourage and develop preventive strategies, and if there are treatment needs, well, diagnosing treatment needs is pretty straightforward. However, we do have to assess anything we do in consideration of growth and development. Things are always changing in growing children and teenagers, so it's not so simple. We also assess patient age and behavior and the ability of the patient to complete treatment: what additional things or techniques might be needed to accomplish the treatment. We also talk to the parents and assess the family dynamic and take into consideration parental preferences as well. Sometimes the patient wants braces, but the parent does not...or, vise-versa.

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior in high school graduating this spring. I have been thinking about dentistry for a while now. I'm looking for school with pre dental program. I would like some advices from experts on which way I should go, ( way as in what classes I should be taking and ect ). Please inform me about different type of dentist and since dental school is competitive , if by any chance I don't get in do you know a fall back plan I could choose.

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

I would obviously recommend my book. All the answers are probably there. Look here on the blog. There are many posts on dental school. The group tag for all those posts is here:

Dental School

Study the comments too.