Saturday, October 30, 2010

Broken Braces

Braces often get damaged in some way throughout the course of treatment. Although most kids are pretty careful (or lucky), we have cases of broken braces from time to time. It is very common to have some kind of problem with braces--be careful, but expect some normal problems. Here are a few of the most common:

1. Loose Bracket- The bracket comes loose from the tooth (very common). It usually stays attached to the wire but tends to roll around or move some. This is usually not an emergency. The bracket (or a new one) can be re-bonded at the next orthodontic appointment (hint--let the office know ahead of time).

2. Wire poking - Sometimes the wire slides around to one side and can cause discomfort in the back part of the mouth and cheek. This seems to occur in the earlier stages of treatment when the teeth are beginning to move and the wire straightens out. However, it can happen anytime. Usually the wire is clipped off or the wire slid back around into place with a simple adjustment.

3. Appliance Loose/Off- Sometimes an orthodontic band, space maintainer, expander, or other dental appliance may come loose from the tooth. If only one part or side is loose, it often just moves up and down, but can be re-cemented. Sometimes the appliance is damaged and needs repair or replacement.

4. Band Broken or Appliance Damaged- Orthodontic ligatures, bands or other attachments can become damaged and create an ulcer on the soft tissues of the cheek, lips or tongue.

5. Traumatic Injury- If the lips are traumatized into orthodontic hardware, they can become "stuck" in the braces. A gentile tug can free the lip. Otherwise, the dentist can free the tissue. Braces can actually protect the teeth in cases of major trauma, preventing teeth from being knocked out or more severely displaced.

Of course, in all cases I recommend contacting your Pediatric Dentist or Orthodontist.


opoakotoh08 said...

Thanks for the information! Yes, there are many dilemma that a person with braces usually encounters. Thankfully I don't have braces so I don't experience any of those but my friend who wears braces usually encounters wire poking.

Tony Destroni said...

" Braces often get damaged in some way throughout the course of treatment." -yeah i agree and this information are great i have read about this in some dentistas site some of the kids have the same problems.

Anonymous said...

I definitely remember some wire poking instances back when I had braces. They used to give us mouth wax to cover the sharp wire until we could go to the office, but it never stayed put. Hopefully they have better quick fixes these days!

Dental Hygienist Salary said...

Thanks for the information..
okay, here is where i am involving my dental situation or whatever it is

i got braces in January 09
got them off in September 09
wore retainers all the time until January 10
got told to wear them every night until October 10

now, in October i missed my appointment and they sent me a letter saying, ring us within a month or we will close your case and you will receive no further treatment

in October i was staying with my dad while my mum was on holiday
then she got back and never rung them within the month

so i kept wearing my retainers overnight
and the other day the bottom one broke !!

so they've closed my treatment, and i have one retainer
my teeth have already moved back loads

what can i do ?
any help at all would be amazing
thank you so much in advance

Dr. Dean Brandon said...

Most of the time, retainers are worn for quite a while after braces are removed. Often after a few months of full time wear, a patient is advised to wear them at night for a year or two (or even more). If it's filling well it may only need to be checked at regular checkups. If it is broken, we encourage a patient to come in and we can adjust repair or replace the retainer. If a retainer is damaged in a certain way, they can actually move teeth in an unfavorable way.

It's a little odd they would terminate treatment so soon. I often get the question, "how long do I have to wear my retainers?" Well as long as you want your teeth to be straight, is the answer--basically forever. but, realistically, often till the patient get's their wisdom teeth (third molars) or has them removed. That's when facial growth basically is finished. Still, not a bad idea tp wear them after we age, everything wrinkles---even teeth....

Miami Dentist said...

Another common problem is a broken retainer. Not the type that is removable, but a fixture. This seems to be a growing trend among some of my patients.

Edward Logan said...

I think it is a good idea for all general dentists to keep ortho emergency armementarium in our offices to aid in such situations. Local orthodontists often kindly provide these kits to general dentists.

Marie Kelly said...

This happened to me when I was wearing braces in my teens. My dentist was able to help me out (dr. Boyd at Dentistry for Children ) and he literally saved my gums from bloodying up my mouth. He had an emergency kit to clip the stray wire off.

Chris said...

I think braces will always be damaged, especially where sport is involved. We should be looking to bring in some more durable alternatives which may not have the same aesthetic value.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Especially helpful to me as i seem to have broken my brace 5 times in the first 7 1/2 weeks of treatment... :P

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